Victory Fellowship Community Church

Pastor – Darryl Gaddy


Victory Fellowship is a bright light in a difficult area of Detroit.  The Pastor, Darryl Gaddy, has pastored there for many years on the east side of Detroit.  We partnered with Stuart Heights Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN.  We went up there this past summer and helped in a sports camp and a couple of special projects.  Pastor Darryl uses many different types of ministry to reach his community.  Sports, drama, education and construction are just a few ways he helps people in his area.


While we were there we would meet in a local park by the Church and begin to play games.  As more and more children would arrive we would tell and act out various Bible stories with the children.  At noon we would all walk back to the Church (about two blocks) and have lunch together.  The children also had an opportunity to work with crafts that they would be able to complete and take home that day.  Then we would go back over to the park and play until day camp was over.  Pastor Darryl is doing a great work reaching the lives of the youth in his Church.

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