In March of 2020 who would have ever thought that a virus would change the world, as we know it. The COVID 19 virus changed everything we know, including missions and ministries that we have done in the past. In March we were set to travel to Europe and work with several of the missionaries that we support. But when COVID hit, that changed everything. The world was pretty much shut down. Everybody was put into quarantine. Nobody was doing anything… except for the truckers. They were still running, and hauling goods all across America. If it hadn’t been for our truckers, we would have been in a lot worst situation.


So we thought, what ministry can we do while in quarantine in Cleveland, TN? How about we make up some free “snack packs” and hand them out at a local truck stop. We partnered with another company, Big Rig Lending, and developed many, many snack packs. Each 1 gallon zip lock bag was filled with pre-packaged food items. We had crackers and peanut butter, power bars, fruit snacks, snack cake, slim jim sticks, apples, carrots, and other items were given along with bottled water. Also, in each bag, we placed a note of encouragement, and a Gospel tract, “Steps to Peace with God”. First off, many of the truckers couldn’t believe we would do this for them, and it being free. We have had a chance to talk with many truckers throughout these past months. We share with them that we pray for their safety every morning before delivering the snack packs. And we have had truckers specifically ask us to pray for them right then. We have also had opportunities to share our faith with some of the drivers. Even the manager of the truck stop is a Believer, and expressed how much he appreciates us being there. He said “we could come there every day, and stay as long as we want!”


Due to this global pandemic, we have been able to “give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name” and share the Gospel with drivers from Canada to Mexico and all the states in between. So I guess when one door closes in ministry, there are other doors that open wide! Thank you Lord.

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