Jeremy Jones is no stranger to doing ministry in other countries. He has served in many places in the world and has had a variety of opportunities. Just recently Jeremy, along with 12 men, and 12 women from Christ Fellowship Church, went to Honduras for a team mission trip. There were so many things to do while they were there. Construction/repair projects, teaching children, providing needy items in mountain villages, and working in a prison, just to name a few of the different experiences.


On the first day in-country, the men from the team went to a prison just for men. They served for about four hours with the inmates and guards. They got to share Bible study with them, and they got to see God work in a miraculous way. The next day they traveled up to a village in the mountains. It should have taken only six hours or so for a round trip to get there. But due to the “local transportation”, it took 16 hours for the total round trip. This can be very common when doing work in foreign countries. Once they arrived in the village, they shared the Gospel with many of the children and the adults. Also, they had time to play games with the children in the village.


On the final day of the trip, they went to the Children’s Feeding Center. This center feeds about 100-150 children a day. They brought in additional supplies that were needed, also they spent time fixing, and repairing different aspects of the building. They also spent time with the children and the adults while they were at the center.


It was a quick trip down to Honduras and back in seven days. The Lord allowed this team a great opportunity to spend time with the children and adults, and share with them the love of God. They did this in many ways, by feeding the children and providing other things they need. Also, fixing and repairing things that have been broken, and now they are able to use them again. And most of all, talking to all the people that they worked with about the love of Christ for each of them. Jeremy was so thankful to be able to go with his church and be a part of a great work that is going on in Honduras.

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