“A Cup of Cold Water…”                    Matthew 10:42


During this time of the COVID shutdown we have had to come up with new ways of doing ministry. One of those ways is by showing appreciation for various public servants. The first group that we went to were the “Men and Women in Blue”. All of the police officers in Cleveland, and Bradley, County.


We provided healthy snacks and some treats to all the officers. When they would report in for roll call, they would take various snacks and bottled water out to their vehicle. While on patrol, they would be able to have something to snack on throughout the day. I have had many officers tell me that they may have to miss lunch due of their schedule. But with the snacks it wouldn’t be that bad. It is great to know that we are able to help in a very small way for the men and women that “Protect and Serve.”

Next, we are able to help in the same way with our public school teachers. We have been taking snacks to Walker Valley High School, and Ocoee Middle School to show our appreciation for what they are doing in our community.


They have expressed how this small act of kindness is so appreciated by the teachers. Some of the teachers have taken some of the snacks and a bottle of water back to their classroom and continued working while having lunch. For others, it means they are able to have more for their lunch… than usual!


For whatever the reason, it is a joy to be able to show our appreciation to those who are serving in our community. Kind of like “Giving a Cup of Cold Water…” in the name of Jesus.

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