The Snack Pack Ministry, or “Blue Bags”, began from a need that a mom heard about and took action back in 2014. Janice Robertson along with a couple of moms heard about the need for school children to have food to eat over the weekends. Many children receive breakfast and lunch doing their school days. But when they go home over the weekends most children have very little, or no food to eat during that time. So out of this need, this ministry was born. When this ministry began, it was just a few friends and their own funds. What began as a desire to meet the needs of a few children in one school, has grown to distributing 2,160 Blue Bags per week in 19 schools and one ministry in six years. It is all being done by volunteers, the buying, packing, and distributing of the bags.  As of this year (2020), five new churches are doing the same ministry in their neighborhood schools.  They are sending out 200 more bags for a total of 2,270.  These bags are helping to feed children in the Chattanooga area.


ACTS Outreach Ministries heard about this ministry and has come along side Snack Pack Ministry. Sharing their story with others, some funding, and participating in the “Blue Bag Packing Party”. It is an exciting time when the packing takes place. Everyone meets in their church gymnasium, there is Christian music playing, and then you get your first “Blue Bag”. As you can see from the pic, you walk in a line with your bag open. (Like you are trick-or-treating) Then volunteers place 10 items in each bag as you walk through the line. (Janice and her team have the cost down to less than $2.00 per bag!) Items will include, peanut butter and crackers, hot chocolate, soup, juice, pudding, fruit cups, and other nutritional items. Once the bag is full, you deliver it to a table where more volunteers tie the bag in a knot, and place it in a box ready for distribution. The last “party” we participated in there were 6,240 bags filled in just under one hour.  On an average 8,000 bags will be packed in the first Wednesday of every month.  It’s a fun evening for the family to be involved and to know you are ministering together.


Another great reason for partnering with Snack Pack Ministry is not only do they feed the children physically, but also Spiritually. In every Blue Bag each child receives a piece of paper. On one side there is a puzzle, or a game that the children can complete. On the other side it has Scripture that talks about Gods love with the plan of salvation. If you are interested in contributing, or being a part of the next “Blue Bag Packing Party”, feel free to contact Janice at 423-595-1093. She would be glad to answer your questions, or tell you more about the ministry.


This past month ACTS took a group down to help in making the snack pack bags. It is such a great atmosphere of fellowship, great Christian music playing, meeting new people from around the Chattanooga area, and oh yea, doing ministry by filling bags. If you are ever looking for a family friendly mission project, check this ministry out.

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