What is it that ACTS does?

Our purpose is twofold:

  1. To help churches be a part of  ministries outside the walls of their church.
  2. To partner (to come alongside) with specific ministries and help them in the work they are doing.
Are you affiliated with any particular denomination?

No,  we work across various denominational lines.  We do however work specifically with ministries of like faith and practice and those that would agree with our statement of faith.

Does 100% of all donations really go to the ministries and missions that you partner with?

Yes, due to the generosity of our business partners, we are able to spend 100% of all ACTS funds on the actual ministries.  There are NO administrative costs.


Good question, Acts is just one of many great ministries.  We are just trying to assist churches to get their people outside the walls of their church and advance the Gospel.  Starting locally, then moving to global impact.

Does ACTS provide the nonprofit information to the public? If so, who is the “search engine”?

Yes, we are a member of GuideStar. A service that provides information about nonprofit company’s. Feel free to check us out at

What are some ways I could be involved with ACTS Outreach Ministries?

Contact us at with your specific questions for more detailed information.

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